Using FPP with a Pixel Pi Hat

Down FPP - Falcon Player and a disk imaging tool to write FPP to a SD Card

For Raspberry Pi series including Pi B, Pi B+, Pi 3, Pi 3+, Pi 4 and Pi Zero use this image

FPP Falcon Player for Raspberry Pi (Example FPP-v6.0-Pi.img.zip)

Next, download Win32 Disk Imager Win32 Disk Imager

Unzip the file and launch win32 Disk Imager

Select the FPP image file and make sure you have you sdcard inserted and select the drive letter match to what you see in Win32 Disk Imager

Using a phone or tablet that has WiFi, go to your WiFi setting and select FPP User is fpp and the Password is Christmas

After complete, you can remove the card and insert into your raspberry pi with the power off

Go to the IP address in your web browser of

Power on the Raspberry Pi and wait 2 minutes for it to fully load.

Click the Storage Settings and then Click the button Grow File system

Click the Reboot button and wait 2 minutes, then again, go to your WiFi setting and select FPP. Select Network Settings and setup your WiFi Router information followed by updating. Another reboot will then be required (should be the last)

Under input output setup you input information and Universe count of 6 followed by 510 instead of 512 then click save.

Now select the Channel Outputs followed by clicking the Pi Pixel String Tab